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Souvenirs from Hokkaido “You Should Buy”


There are many people who fall in love with Hokkaido. Hokkaido attracts many people, such as those who

  • like skis and snowboards.
  • want to go to Shiretoko, others, and around in Hokkaido.
  • want to go to sightseeing spots (such as Goryokaku and Asahiyama Zoo).

So, I have been living for more than 20 years, and I introduce souvenirs that says “This will never fail!"

Hokkaido recommended souvenir 1: Shiroi Koibito of ISHIYA

(The image is quoted from HP of Ishiya confectionery.)

  • Everyone-welcomed:★★★★★
  • Expiration date:★★★★★
  • Unexpectedness:★☆☆☆☆
  • Taste:★★★☆☆

Standard in the basics. There used to be a lot of things in the past. However I would definitely recommend it as long as it’s about to be taken seriously and be bought and accused of strange things.

Moreover costperformance is quite high.

I Recommended when you want to distribute to all the office people in the company. There are probably not many people who dislike white chocolate, so it is a souvenir that can be recommended to everyone.

More than 27 pieces are sold in cans. It is recommended as the design during this time is wonderful and it can be used for accessories.

Recommended souvenirs for Hokkaido 2: Double Fromage of LeTAO

(Image quoted from Lutao’s HP.)

  • Everyone-welcomed:★☆☆☆☆
  • Expiration date:★☆☆☆☆
  • Unexpectedness:★★★★☆
  • Taste:★★★★★

Frozen cheesecake. It looks like a thick, sweet and light cheesecake. As it is pretty good for women, it is highly recommended as a souvenir for women. I also love it so I buy it personally. I think you will often see it at the Hokkaido exhibition.

It is a cheesecake, but it is not so thick, and the texture is very clean, so it is a very easy-to-eat cheesecake.

The disadvantages are that the expiration date is short and that it takes time to extract. Put it on to the refrigerator at morning of the day you want to eat and eat it at night.

Hokkaido recommended souvenir 3: Baton Cookies [Coconut] of ROYCE

(Image quoted from Lloyd’s HP.)
Expiration date:★★★★★

Good souvenir that boasts a costperformance like a “Shiroi Koibito".

Since there are many sheets after all, it is recommended when you want to distribute in large quantities.

The disadvantage is that the volume per piece is small.

If you eat alone, you will eat just a few.

Hokkaido recommended souvenir 4: Nama Chocolate of ROYCE

(Image quoted from Lloyds HP.)
Expiration date:★★☆☆☆

I think that champagne is the best. There are various tastes, but they can not be recommended as it is not packaged in small pieces.

It is recommended to send to those who are usually indebted. This is also a good souvenir for girls.

However, I can not recommend buying in summer as it is not delicious if it is too soft. You will receive a coolant for a while.

Hokkaido recommended souvenir 5: Hokkaido Kaitaku Okakiof Kitakaro

(image quoted from the North confectioner’s HP.)
Expiration date:★☆☆☆☆

Ebi is the good taste. However, recently I like to the scallops too. This is also not recommended for distribution. It is recommended to eat it alone, but it is a shame that your hands get quite dirty.

There are subpacks, etc., but be careful because the expiration date is not one month!

If you notice that you buy many, the expiration date may have passed.

Hokkaido recommended souvenir No.6: Yogurt Drink of Bocca

(image quoted from the pastoral HP.)
For balamaki:★☆☆☆☆
Expiration date:★★☆☆☆

Drinking This drinking yogurt requires some care.

If you take this drinking yogurt, be prepared to be satisfied with the other drinking yogurt.

That’s great it is this!

It’s amazingly thick, I really like drinking yogurt as it is. It is not too sweet and it has a moderate sour taste and is the most delicious drinking yogurt!

My advice to purchase the Souvenirs

New Chitose Airport is recommended for souvenirs. Of course we cannot purchase local souvenirs, but you can buy almost anything.

In addition, New Chitose Airport is quite included, so it is necessary to have enough time for about 30 minutes to 1 hour when checking baggage.

Therefore, when I arrived at New Chitose Airport in order to buy a souvenir I recommend

  1. If you put it in a suitcase at the hotel as souvenirs are, it is easy to return. Let’s decide what to buy in advance.
  2. Along the way:You can also pack your suitcase at the hotel, but you will find more baggage during the tour.
  3. Buy near the hotel:If Sapporo can buy most souvenirs in ”DAIMARU B1F” shopping area, it is recommended to round up sightseeing early and spend time buying souvenirs.

This order is recommended!

It is important not to try to buy all the souvenirs at New Chitose Airport on return. Let’s put things in the suitcase in advance for things that will last longer!

Souvenirs bought at New Chitose Airport will have less baggage, as long as they don’t last long!


Hokkaido has a lot of attractive souvenirs, so I wonder which one to buy.

Please take a look at this article for your reference! Be careful of the order of buying souvenirs, and try to reduce your luggage as much as possible!